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Laser Tag

We bring to you the latest generation of gun technology in Outdoor Laser Tag with a 20 player system available 7 days a week. Come and play with your family and friends or have a birthday party to remember. Come and re enact your favourite war area from Fortnite or COD at Edge Outdoor Activities.

Laser Tag is 100% impact free and perfectly safe to use. It is the same principal as changing the channel on the TV. The life size realistic guns weigh less than 1 KG which means even the smallest soldiers will be able to carry, run and shoot for long periods of time.

With our state of the art system there are no clumsy wires or cables to spoil your fun. You just need a head set, gun and lots of energy! The head set automatically syncs with your gun to give the most realistic army simulation experience in Hertfordshire. The best shooters among you will be able to take out the enemy at 250 metres!

We have various game scenarios we can switch between at the touch of a button including Last Man Standing, ideal for smaller groups of at least 6 people, Capture the Flag which is great for team play up to 20 soldiers, Zombie Apocalypse for all group sizes. We also have Hostage Takedown and Hill rush, both designed for team building where strategy is paramount.

We also accommodate corporate events where you can also try some Archery, Crossbows, Air Rifles or Axe & Knife throwing to really see who is the best Commando in your Regiment.

Laser Tag is great fun at any age. Starting from 6 years old upwards, all generations can play together in various war simulations for between 60 to 120 minutes. We are open all year round so be prepared to get wet, cold and muddy!

How it works

Depending on numbers and ages we decide the best games for the group to engage in. We can change the amount of ammunition and health players have at the press of a button so the players may have 10 magazines with 30 rounds of ammo, or 5 magazines of 200 rounds. We can also change the amount of Health you lose with each hit so it could take 1 shot to take your opponent out of the game or 10 shots.

You can set a delay so players automatically re enter the game with full ammo and health after a set time, or have to re set at the home base station to re enter the game. The flexibility we have with this latest equipment is endless. We also have Claymore Mines which teams can buy for the game which can take up to 4 opponents out in one go if positioned correctly on the Warzone.


Prices per person
4 to 8 players – £28 for 60 mins. £33.50 for 90 mins. £42.00 for 120 mins.
9 to 20 players – £25.50 for 60 mins. £31.00 for 90 mins. £33.50 for 120 mins.

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